1911 Pistols

Each 1911 built by FCW is hand-fit and utilizing only tool or die steel components.  We refuse to use inferior MIM or cast components that can wear out quickly under the heavy battery.  Do not be fooled by others' so called "premium" 1911s.  If they are using MIM or cast internal parts, you are not getting your money's worth.  '

Our proprietary hammer kits are built for speed and, like our custom made sears and disconnectors, are warrantied for life.  Our stainless barrels are match quality and are machined in-house.  Each one is then hand fit for superior lock up and accuracy.  Whether you are looking for a quality "government" style 1911 or one of our world class competition guns, we can take your vision and turn it into a pistol that will last for generations.  We are limited only by your imagination.  


All of our 1911s start with the highest quality frames and slides that will be hand fit.  All will utilize our ultra-grade internal parts.  Each pistol is hard fit by hand to ensure the smoothest operation once it is properly broken in.  The recoil spring is worthy of 80,000 cycles.  Our competition grade barrels ensure Match grade accuracy. This is a gun that can be handed down for generations.  Every pistol can be customized to your liking.  Multiple finishes can be chosen, but a premium ceramic finish is standard.    


Our Premier line is for the discriminating wadcutter competitor.  Every Premier 1911 is a world-class competition firearm capable of shooting 1.5 inches or less at 50 yards.  Each pistol is individually proofed and we regularly deliver guns with sub-inch accuracy.  These are fully custom to each shooter at prices that are competitive to "off the shelf" premium brands.   

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